You’re an asshole.


Pardon the language.

Also, do you ever watch reality television?  And they bleep the word asshole, but they only bleep the “hole” part.  Which seems sort of struggly because I always thought the world “ass” was the bad part.  But maybe it’s because of the vulgarity of the world “hole”.  I don’t know.  Not important I suppose.

LordAs I go through life, I’m generally a happy person.  Fun fact: I didn’t used to be that way, I was quite a sassafrass when I first moved here, but that’s cause I was miserable and I wasn’t doing yoga and working out and I didn’t consciously choose happiness.

But anyhoo, sometimes, I see things as I’m going through my day. I think to myself, “man, you are an asshole, especially as of late when every single person on social media considers them self a guru of race relations, the democratic/republican party, artists receiving full compensation for their music, and black hair.

So here it is folks, your handy-dandy guide to whether or not you’re an asshole.

You may be are an asshole if:

  • You don’t tip appropriately at restaurants.  I’ve read those articles where people talk about the fact that they shouldn’t have to tip, blah blah, and it should be included.  Well guess what?  It’s not.  Waitstaff make about $2.13 an hour and live off the tips you give them.  And if you don’t like that, go home and make your own food.  (Now if you are in receipt of bad service, that certainly another thing, and you really should contact the manager at that point and work it out with him/her.)
  • You don’t put your cart back at the grocery store.  I get it.  You’ve got kids.  Your arms are full.  But it’s just rude to put your cart in the islands at the store.  Because when you do, someone either has to chase them around a parking lot, or someone has to fish it out of the island.  Pro tip: if you really feel frazzled, ask the associate to call someone to walk you out, unload your groceries for you, and take your cart back.
  • You don’t give a shit about politics.  This is a direct quote.  Like a direct quote from a gentleman who was working the coffee counter at a local shop here.  I think we were kind of shooting the breeze about Donald Trump running for office [Jim Halpert stare] when this gentleman told me, “I really don’t give a shit about politics.”  Cool dude!  Not.  I don’t claim to be a specialist, but I really do my darnedest to stay on top of what and who I’m voting for.  I don’t think it’s fair that we live in such an awesome country where potholes get filled, and the firetrucks come to your house when you call, and we have schools, and you just don’t care about politics.  Sure, this country is far from perfect, but it’s something that we all should be invested in.
  • You comment on my body.  This is something that I’ve discussed with the girls I work with.  Often, and we’re talking like weekly, a guy at the Y will make a comment on one of our bodies.  I’ve gotten comments on my legs.  One girl has gotten a comment on her weight (she’s lost some for her wedding).  Yet another has gotten a comment on her walk.  A man once asked if “this is the YMCA or Hugh Hefner’s house,” implying that I looked like a playmate?  This is not how you relate to a woman.  It’s gross.  And it’s not flattering.  Pro tip: If you wouldn’t want someone talking to your kid that way, you shouldn’t talk to folks that way either.
  • You’re racist/sexist/ageist/ or in general, you discriminate, openly or otherwise.  Thanks to our upbringing, we all have our prejudices.  And it’s not cool.  But it’s YOUR job to remember that a human being is a human being, and deserves the same dignity and respect that you deserve walking through the door.  Period.

Ok.  That’s really entirely enough bitching, ranting, and raving for the day.  I really do love my life.  It’s awesome.  But I can’t stand assholes.

What’s your pet peeve? 

Playacting at adulthood.


First things first.

I went for a run yesterday during the heat of the afternoon.  I am really and truly in the contemplation stage of becoming a morning person, and even though it seems really self-explanatory, I’m having a difficult time getting to bed at a reasonable time, and when I do wake up early, I feel like I want to stab everyone at least for the first 20 minutes of me being up.  I don’t know if there are like some tricks and trips for me to start becoming a morning person.  If I could honestly do something that would allow me to sleep less, I would do that.  But that’s not really a thing, is it.


I managed to shuffle my way over to greenway (yay tax dollars!) and ran in the shade for a while before shuffling back to work, completely drenched.

I still don’t know if it’s enough for me to start being a morning person, but I’m willing to contemplate it.

Do you guys ever feel like you’re just playacting at adulthood?

I do. I still do. And I’m not sure at what point I’ll start feeling like a “real” adult. I’m married, I have a house, I am gainfully employed and can freely move about the cabin that is life, and still, I feel like a kid.

That became the most apparent to me when, last week, I was asked to be on a panel for girls at a boarding school here in Raleigh, as the resident “women in fitness/wellness” person. At first, I wanted to say no because I don’t feel like I’m in any position to be paneling about anything. As we speak, I’m wearing the minimum amount of makeup to make my face passable, and thinking about the over under on whether I can sneak a nap in tonight and still fall asleep at the normal time once my husband gets home.

Am I the kind of person you really want to be talking to your girls?

When I spoke to one of the administrators at the school, she seemed so excited to have me and told me that the girls would love me.

Whatever you say boss.

I’m not sure at what point I will start feeling serious. Maybe it will be if or when I have kids. Maybe it will be when I don’t feel like I have to clean my house like a demon when I know people are coming over. Maybe it will be when I don’t consider candy and salads to be equally important food groups to my mental health. Maybe it will be when I don’t accidentally say “shit” in front of my boss’s boss because I dropped my work-issued laptop on its head. I’m not sure.

At what point will I start feeling like a real adult?

At what point did you?

Running and Your Period

Playtex Sport

So, first-off, if period and vagina stuff makes you uncomfortable, maybe this post isn’t for you.  But we’re all grown-ups, so come in!  Ladies, let’s chat.  Men, learn something that you can help your wife out with!

I have cramps for the first legitimate time in like, 5 years.

Thanks to Mirena (which we will talk about fully here in the future), I’ve managed to live, work, and run without much period or issue, which has been really really nice.  But Mirena lasts for a measly 5 years (totally kidding about the measly part), and it was coming up on time for me to get it taken out.  I’d made arrangements with my gyno to start on the pill prior to having it removed, which meant there was no gap in my coverage, but it means that for the first time in 5 years, I’m having a full-blown period with cramps, bleeding, bloating, and now I’m looking for a way to deal with it that isn’t necessarily going to require a sideline for me – especially on those weeks when I have a long trail run that could require me to change a tampon in the middle of the run.   Which is gross, but hey, it happens.

So my running and period options (given that I have a 12-miler on Sunday) are this, depending on where we are on Sunday.

Playtex Sport

I’ve been a fan of Playtex Sport for a while, and prior to me getting my Mirena, they were all I used, a lot in part because Playtex sponsored the state school I went to, so in my time at URec, all I’d have to do was scoop up a giant armful of them, and not have to worry about spending a dime on the stuff while I was living off of a student loan and a server’s paycheck.

Playtex sport was great because it was one of the more comfortable tampons I’ve used, and seemed to stay put when I was teaching classes or working out. I have not yet run a ton of mileage because I wasn’t running at the time, but I can say that for my activity level, epescially when I was at camp in the Poconos, that it it really did alright. Now, one thing I didn’t love was the scent that they put in all of their tampons – there’s no way it can be good for your stuff, and I don’t think that can be great for the environment, right?

So, though I’d given something called Instead a try in high school, which I really couldn’t get to stay in place, I reconsidered the Diva Cup. A friend of mine, Melanie, is making an epic journey across the world, and if you’ve ever traveled, you sort of know that tampons aren’t usually something you can just find at your local CVS, especially when you’re hiking 15 plus miles a day. She started using the Diva Cup, and recommended I try it. I researched it, and picked one up the other day.

Diva Cup
Diva Cup

Now, it looks a little intimidating, but evidently, you can keep it in for 12 hours, and the way it works is that you sort of fold it up, Nuva Ring style, pop it in, and once you get it to sit in place correctly, which is the tricky part in the beginning, you can wear it for up to 12 hours without any leakage, or a string sticking out (which unfortunately can cause some chafing difficulty as well).

I tried it over night. After a few trial times of getting it in, I got it to sit correctly and walked around comfortably and was able to sleep without any leaks or having to get up and changed anything. Plus the bit about poisoning yourself or the environment (which sounds super dramatic, I know), is taken care of by the fact that it’s a thick, rubberized material, not bleached and scented cotton. If you’re into that sort of thing.

So I will try to keep you guys posted on how this is continuing to work out for me, especially as I continue my prep for Chicago.

My super-active girls – how do you successfully deal with your period while you remain active?

Shania Twain Weekend



It’s Wednesday.

And I feel like I haven’t gotten a single friggin productive thing done all week.  I keep thinking that if I pray hard enough, that God will magically grant me an extra like 8 or 9 hours and that I will be able to catch up on all the shit that I keep meaning to get to, but still manage to get pushed to the next day.

17 Moments Every Gay Man With Straight Friends Has Experienced

But I digress.

So I started off last weekend actually managing to squeeze a really short 3-miler in before I headed in to Fleet Feet to help them out for a shift.  That’s always really nice to do because you sort of get to socialize and still keep on top of new shoe trends and stuff, and it’s only occasional.  The extra little surprise paycheck also doesn’t hurt :)

Saturday night, I put in work on the August schedule for the Y, and I worked for a really good chunk of time since I knew that I would be in late on Monday  While I worked, my husband also worked on some stuff, so it was a relatively quiet Saturday night.

Sunday morning, I woke up early for 6 trail miles for a group I’m starting to get friendly with.  I tested a Hoka.  I’ve been curious about that brand since my knee started acting up, and I know the brand has really grown with trail and ultra runners.  Overall, the shoe felt good, but I’m still having a really hard time with the way the shoe looks, so I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to make a jump.  I do know, however, that though I’ve been a Brooks girl for a good while here, I’m not sure I’m in love with the Glycerin as much as I have been the past few years, and that means that I may have to find something as Chicago gets closer and closer.

So the run was 6 hilly miles in the state park.  It started off well enough.  I was keeping up, not feeling terribly pain in my knee, and enjoying some conversation with some of the folks in the group, as we wound our way on single-track trail.  And then, BAM.  I ran smack-dab into a bee that stung me on the thigh.


Amy, who was cruising right in front of me, was really worried, but I assured her I was fine and that we should keep cruising.  There wasn’t a whole lot we could do anyways, since we were a few miles out already, so I just focused on taking care of it later.  Toward 5 miles, when I felt that our direction was shifting back up toward civilization, I was feeling food, caboosing our group, and suddenly, I missed have kicked a rock or something, and down, down I went. And hard.


I was embarrassed, and simultaneously on the ground, and I didn’t want to hold the group up.  So I hopped up, and kept moving, and shook off the pain in my left knee, willing the adrenaline to take care of it.

HokaA few days out, and the knee is sore, and I keep having to scratch my thigh, which makes me look like I’m scratching my crotch.  I’m just a mess.

Shania Twain + Gavin DeGraw

So after the run, and after I was able to convince my husband to take me to Waffle House for a disgustingly awesome post-run breakfast, I made a quick run to Charlotte because Shania Twain was playing, and Gavin DeGraw was opening for her.

Now in review, you’ve got to know that Gavin DeGraw is up there as one of my favorite singers in the entire world.  He’s ridiculously talented and he told me I was pretty like 5 years ago.  Which is really saying something, because I wasn’t really like, in peak condition 5 years ago.

Gavin DeGrawI also tried to convince him, via Twitter, to come up to our box, but he did not oblige.  I’m still a fan though.  He opened with Soldier, and at one point, hopped the security barrier, and just sort of meandered about the area.

IMG_2561[1]Shania, now.  She was a total peach.  I’m not a huge country fan, but she was awesome.  She sounded good, she was very pretty, and seemed very personable.  But to be fair, she’s Canadian, and I’ve never met a Canadian that I was like, “hey, you’re just an asshole.” Not even Justin Bieber.  He, at the very least, has provided me with a lot of years of entertainment.

That was me.

What did you do this weekend?

Headbands of Hope Photoshoot


Hi!  Did you miss me?

I needed a few days off, and I think summer is a good time to do that.  Things at work have definitely picked up, especially since I’m working on finishing up the August schedule.  I’ve started to find a really good balance, and I’m not teaching as much as I was, just once or twice a week, and as needed.

A little over a year ago, when I got my job, I was a little skeptical when Matt, my boss, encouraged me to drop my Saturday class.  I didn’t understand why that would be necessary, or why it might be necessary for me to pare down, but he was right, and it sort of feels good to delegate some of my weekly classes.  And when I actually do teach, it feels more therapeutic than exhausting.

But anyhoo…

So yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing another photoshoot with Jess Ekstrom, the founder of Headbands of Hope.  Headbands of Hope is a really incredible organization that Jess started when she was in undergrad at NC State.  I’ve mentioned them on the blog before, but if you’re not familiar with the company, for every headband purchased, a headband is given to a child with cancer, and $1 is donated to cancer research.  Jess and I met while we were working at URec at State, and I guess she thinks I’m cool enough to do their shoots, so I’ve been involved with a few projects of hers.

So for the shoot, we had help from Carolyn Scott of Carolyn Scott photography, a really cool photographer here in Raleigh who has a real unique, dusky quality to all of her photos.  Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the photos.

10984254_10152809893881618_6405920082755475735_n 11061943_10152809894071618_8949467571049953388_n 11215132_10152809893866618_6433688604044872748_n 11750632_10152809894016618_1550647951309143588_nThe shoot followed a bridal theme, so Caroline, of Vestique, played our bride, and provided the rompers for us, which I absolutely loved.  They were so comfortable, and had that awesome flutter sleeve that added an element of drama to the look.  I almost thought for a second that a romper could have been fun for my girls, but they would have absolutely killed me, right?

It was a great, amazing way to kick off the rest of the week, and when I saw the pics, I was so happy they’re going to convey how bomb HoH is.

What are your plans for the weekend?



Chafing vs. Chaffing: The age-old debate.

This is really one of those things that makes me put my head into my hands, willing the migraine I feel coming on to go away.

It’s kind of thing, much like the there/their/they’re your/you’re to/too thing that literally makes me want to rip all my hair out.  But this one has been relegated to the runner’s portion of of society because of our issues, what happens when one area of the body performs a repetitive motion.  Or in my case, it’s what happens to my thighs, between my boobs, and the skin that peeks out right underneath my armpit when I run for anything more than like 8 miles.

Certain shorts exacerbate this problem in my thighs.

It always happens between my boobs because I tend to lose weight when I’m in a serious training cycle, and my boobs move around a little more within the confines of their cage.

And it likes to happen when I’m wearing a tank top or those cute running tops with the cap sleeves on them.

During Ragnar in Vegas, I made a critical error when I wore the diaper, the Norts that all you cute college kids are wearing with your tall cotton socks, to run my first 13-mile leg in.  I knew I was in trouble right around the 8-mile mark, and spent the remainder of my time trying to sanitarily (which is not a word, according to the red squiggly that’s appeared underneath) rub the shared stick of body glide on my thighs.

What I’m referring to is chafing.

Not chaffing.


And I’m writing about it today, not to tell you how to avoid it, cause I really don’t even know.  But more so to tell you how deeply it offends me when you spell it chaffing.

It’s gross.

Stop doing it.

It looks like it should be pronounced “laughing” when you spell it that way.  I don’t take you seriously as a running/fitness blogger when you spell it that way.  It doesn’t make me want to offer you my body glide when you spell it that way.

When you spell it that way, it detracts from your overall message.

Please.  Running bloggers.  People who post a lot on the running forums.  Moms who utilize Desitin.  Cyclists who use Chammy Butter.  It’s chafing.  For the love of God.


Dear Famous People,


Hi, my famous friends.  Good to chat.

Can I speak with you candidly here?

I am an active consumer of what you have to offer.  Instead of being highly critical, I’ve embraced pop culture wholeheartedly, respectfully remembering that despite the fact that you put every aspect of your lives on display, that you too are a human being deserving of the benefit of the doubt as well as privacy where it’s clear that you desire it.  (I’m talking they way that the Carter-Knowles’ keep Blue under wraps and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel keep it quiet for the most part).  I can respect that.

However, there’s some advice I feel like I need to bestow upon you, simply based on the foolish behavior I’ve seen the past few years.  And for your convenience, let’s break it down so you can reference this later, should you find yourself confused on any of the following.


Making blanket statements about different races.

Don’t.  Additionally, please don’t insist that you’re not racist because you once dated a person of color.  You’re making it worse.

Blackface. Brownface.

Do not.  It NEVER goes over well.

Racial Slurs. 

No. You may not.


Covering up sexual abuse.

Also a really terrible idea.  That is a horrible way to handle abuse within your family.  And I get it.  You’re a parent, you don’t want to throw your kids to the wolves, but there are better ways of handling it than hiding it, THEN inviting cameras into your home for the better part of a decade.  It’s your job to keep ALL of your kids safe.  And you’re not doing it when you pretend this stuff doesn’t/hasn’t happened.


Rape/Sexual Assault/Joking about Rape and Sexual Assault

Guess what.  What’s done in the dark will come to light.  We will find out what you’ve done, and drag your ass.  ADDITIONALLY, (and I’m talking DIRECTLY to you, Bill Cosby), you have some nerve touting yourself as some sort of moral lighthouse for the black community when you know good and damned well you preyed on women who were looking to get into the industry.  People trusted you, looked to you, and you shat all over that.  Rot.

Defending any of the aforementioned behavior. 

Please just don’t.  It’s okay to recognize when someone has behaved badly.  You don’t even have to comment on it at all!   But certainly, can we avoid defending deplorable behavior?

Now I recognize in today’s world, it can be really hard to avoid saying and doing offensive things simply because of the way that things have changed rapidly over the past 100 years or so.  Racism used to be ok.  Intolerance of gay people, the trans community?  Joking that something ugly or stupid was “gay” has only recently become unacceptable.  Dressing in blackface used to be a hurtful, yet accepted form of entertainment.  If you’ve never done any study on sociology, you may not realize that certain groups – poor people, overweight people, women, or gay people (this list is not exhaustive btws) face a greater likelihood of being discriminated against or may be subject to systematic oppression – policies and procedures that are either inadvertently or purposefully meant to keep them from being successful.

And that’s fine.  You’re not a social worker.  You’re not a human rights activist.  You might not have even finished high school.  And your job is not to know everything about everything.  However it IS your job to maintain some sense of decorum, class, and the respect for others that would prevent you from doing any of the aforementioned.  And if you do?  How about you own up to it, apologize, and educate yourself for your future.

Got it?


Cheri <3

How I Landed My Job

Hi! (Whenever I say that, it makes me think of this vine).

I hope you guys had a good 4th. I went to Atlanta with some friends from Elon, while my husband headed to his mom’s to help her move some stuff. It was really cool to see my friends, some of whom I haven’t seen since Elon Homecoming last year. Everyone seems like they’re doing well, and we all get a huge kick out of giving each other a hard time.

Elon ReunionPeep how cute this high-waisted bikini I snagged from ModCloth is!

ModClothI appreciate the vintage style, and I snagged this bikini because I saw this style on a few girls at the beach last week, and was impressed by how forgiving it was.

How I Landed my Job

First off, I totally stole this from Kristyn at Chits and Giggles, who took us through how she landed her gig at Coca-Cola.  It was really interesting because I too came to my job in a fun way, and I’m always interested to see how other folks land their jobs.

So, I am a Group Fitness Director at a Y here.  The job is amazing, incredible, and I feel often like I’m living a dream with the position.

So the way I got it.

I’m not sure I even quite realized that being a Group Fitness Director was a thing until I worked for UREC at NC State.  Suddenly, what I wanted to do started to become clear.  My heart was in group fitness, teaching, weight loss, nutrition, and counseling, and I wasn’t really sure how to do it.

One of the best things I ever did was to get a job with Fleet Feet Raleigh shortly after I graduated, and I’m so grateful that Bob (owner) took a chance on me, and I’ll tell you why in just a minute.

So, in the summer of 2012, the woman who was in my position moved on from the job, and I applied for the position a clueless 20-something with not a whole lot of job experience.  I think I remember the interview going well, but not having networked a ton around Raleigh, and not having a ton of job experience, the position went to another candidate, and I was devastated.  For a few days after I got the news that I didn’t get the job, I took the hit extremely personally, and cried for days.

After crying, I think I wasn’t entirely sure what my next move should be, and I asked people around me what I should do.  A few people were angry on my behalf, and told me that I should quit teaching my classes and sever all ties with the Y.  And I think deep down, we all have that desire in there, but the thought of not teaching my classes anymore there was really even more devastating.  I made the conscious decision to stick it out there, stick with Fleet Feet Raleigh, and begin applying to jobs, learning about the field, and networking with the hopes of eventually becoming Group X Director.

Fleet Feet Raleigh

I’d like to take a second here to talk about my time with Fleet Feet Raleigh (FFR), which I really need to credit for a lot.  Fleet Feet Raleigh is a running specialty shop, specializing in running.  Running shoes, apparel, nutrition, and hydration is our bread and butter.  I have to credit FFRal with helping me to grow as a candidate.  In my time there, Bob (our fearless leader), encouraged and supported my foray into this blog, provided me leadership opportunities, allowed me to learn and play with social media, and really provided me the tools I needed to become more marketable in this field.  He and his wife, Kathy, are truly the bomb.

So, last year, in the thick of us preparing to get married, I received word along with the monthly schedule requests that our Group Fitness Director was moving on elsewhere.  I wanted to go for it again, but I was honestly afraid of how humiliated I might feel if I didn’t get the job again.  One night, walking around the mall parking lot, I asked Austin about what he thought.  He was supportive, told me to go for it, and reminded me that if I didn’t get it for whatever reason, that I shouldn’t beat myself up, and that it didn’t mean that I wasn’t valuable.

So I sent Matt, my current boss, an email, and explained that I had applied for the position once before, and hadn’t gotten it, but was still interested.  He responded, and called me within the next few days, and asked if I’d like to set up an interview.


I really don’t remember a ton about that first interview to be honest, because I was trying to approach it as chill as possible.  Matt called me a few days later and asked me to come back for a second interview, this one an interview with maybe four people there.  That was was intimidating, but I really tried to speak from my heart.  I talked about my passion for group fitness.  I talked about not getting the position before and the grown I felt like I’d had in the 2(ish) years since.  I just was really honest.

Again, a few days later, Matt called and asked me to come in to meet with our branch director.  This interview was really more like a chat, and Dan was really warm and welcoming to me.  Again, I was really trying to be chill about this whole thing, so I tried not to get too excited, and with each meeting, I made sure to send a thank you and remind myself that if this didn’t go my way, there was probably a reason why it wouldn’t work out.

Matt stayed in touch with me.  He assigned me to evaluate a class one weekend.  He checked in with me regarding salary.  And finally, one day when I was at work, I recognized Matt’s phone number.

“Hey Cheri!  Is now a good time?”

Is that a trick question…

“We just want to thank you so much for going through this process with us..”

Oh dammit.  He’s breaking up with me…prepare for it…here it comes…

“…With the passion and the growth you’ve demonstrated…and…we just wanted to go ahead and offer you the position.  Now we don’t want you to answer us today, I want you to take a day or two to think about it..”


One fist went up in the air.  But I had to keep it together so I wouldn’t look like a jerk on the phone and so I wouldn’t distract from the regular day going on at my job.

Needless to say I took the job.  And I have not looked back.  I truly feel like I’m living my dream.  I get to teach classes, schedule classes, supervise a large staff, and develop my skills at a nonprofit – all things I feel truly passionate about.  I actually enjoy going to my job, and can see myself there for a long time, and hope that they feel the same about.

So all that great big long post aside:

What do you do (work-wise)?

How did you land your job?

My Sober June

I did it!  We made it!  Sober June absolutely flew by, and I did it without any cheating!  No alcohol for a month!

Sober June

I have to admit, I was really intimidated by the entire idea of not drinking for a month.  We’re dinks, I’m a runner, and I’ve centered a lot of my social activities around drinking for as long as I can remember.

I go to run club, run a few miles, then drink a beer.

I invite friends to catch up over dinner, we order some beers.

I’m working on the group fitness schedule for the next month, and I would pour a glass of wine to keep me occupied as I sifted through emails, making sure that we didn’t have any holes for the following month.  It was just something I did.

But I read Andy Cohen’s book when it came out late last year, and he made mention of doing a sober January, which was really curious.  Andy loves to drink, and features a drinking game on his show, which sometimes airs 4 nights per week during the high season.  But he did it!  So maybe I could, right?

So like I mentioned here, a friend posted on Facebook about 5 or 6 weeks back that he was curious about what it took to do a sober June.  I was intrigued, and after a really good hangover, and a horrendous bout with strep throat, (or strep thoat as they say here in the south). I was ready to be done with alcohol for a while.  So I jumped, both feet in, after reading a few articles on going sober for a month, and went for it.

Surprisingly, after a day or two, it wasn’t super hard!  I drank lots of other things.  Seltzers, fake beers, coffee, and tons of water, but I never felt a huge urge to grab a beer and start chugging.

A few times when it was hard?

I had a stressful day at work, and instead of heading home that night, which I really couldn’t afford, I headed to a coffee shop where beer was also served.  I really wanted a glass of wine, which I had gotten used to treating myself to, like if you get your work done, you’re “allowed” this treat.   The feeling was short-lived, and I decided on a cup of tea instead.

It was a smidge hard at first with dinner, when you just wanted a beer.

But other than that, it really wasn’t so complex. 

As I write this, it’s the first of July, and I haven’t run to the store for a bottle of wine.  Even better, I’m thinking of running to the store for fro-yo later.  I believe I plan to drink on the 4th, as I’m going to visit friends, and I’ve planned on it all month.  But one good thing about this is I don’t necessarily feel the need to drink in a social situation.  And I think that that’s what this month of sobriety has taught me.

Stay tuned for my tips on doing a sober month!